“Help, I've Got Scabies!”

Scabies is one of the most dreaded and annoying skin conditions you can get. The intense itching and scratching can leave one down right miserable. The mere thought of creepy crawling bugs on your skin is enough to make anyone queasy. Who knew that a small mite could create such havoc?

If you're dealing with these microscopic pests, please understand that you are not alone. It's just that no one talks about scabies in polite company, unless they have to. Most people are too embarrassed to admit that they've had scabies.

Yet, each year millions of people around the world suffer with and survive scabies outbreaks. Anyone can become infected with scabies. No matter their social class or status. Bugs know no bounds.

So, if you're looking for the best scabies information online, you've come to the right place.

Welcome to Your Scabies Nurse

Yes, I'm a real nurse. And I'm making it my mission to help and inform people about this common skin condition.

It's . Isn't it time you got the honest facts about dealing with scabies. It's time to stop suffering in silence with scabies and get back to living.

Think you might have scabies, but aren't sure? Don't be fooled. Scabies can look and feel like other skin problems. Yet, it has a very specific set of signs and symptoms that you should be on the look out for.

Don't worry. I'll teach you the ins and outs of scabies rashes, burrows, and how to distinguish this dermatological condition from others.

Keep reading to the learn more about what causes human scabies, the sarcoptes scabiei mite. I'll show you the complicated life cycle of these persistent pests. Unfortunately, scabies is not only a frustrating skin problem. It can be quite serious as well. Find out about a severe form of scabies called crusted or Norwegian scabies.

Of course, I know you want to see pictures of scabies. I've included photographs of mites on human skin. See what scabies mites look like up close and personal.

Get rid of scabies fast! Discover how to cure scabies with the latest treatments both prescription and at home remedies. Did you know that there are natural remedies that can heal scabies? I'll reveal the best herbs that aid in eliminating scabies.

Before you go, don't forget to vist my scabies store. There, you'll find some non-prescription products that can kill scabies mites on the skin and in the environment.

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