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A scabies home treatment can be an effective way to eliminate this annoying skin condition. Before you rush out and try your favorite scabies home remedies, be sure to discuss them with your doctor. It's better to make sure you actually have scabies as opposed to some other skin problems hat can look like scabies.

You also do not want the treatments to cover up any potential signs and symptoms. This can make diagnosing skin issues more difficult. Keep in mind some of these natural treatments may not work quite as fast as synthetic chemical based products.

Yet, if you are looking to solve your scabies outbreak with potentially less side effects, home treatments may be your answer. Even better, home remedies are cost effective and are environmently friendly.

Home treatments usually work best in simple scabies cases with just a few mites buried in the skin. Crusted scabies, which contains thousands of embedded mites, needs much more potent medications than is possible for home usage.

Safe scabies treatments can be found by visiting your local health food store or may be purchased online. Of course, you do not want to solely focus on killing mites and eggs that live on your skin. In order to truly eliminate scabies, you must kill mites in your surrounding environment. Here's a few scabicides worth trying...

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil scabies

Tea tree oil is one of my favorite essential oils. Some people swear that tea tree oil healed their scabies outbreaks overnight. This clear to yellow watery oil has so many phenomenal qualities. It has antifungal, antibacterial, and scabicidal properties.

This strong antiseptic has been used for thousands of years to treat skin ailments. Tea tree oil is very safe to use. Just mix it with a carrier oil or use it directly on rash lesions. Dab the oil on areas of the body where mites burrow. Tea tree can cause skin irritation if used undiluted on the skin. It may also sting abraded, raw skin. Tea tree oil kills both eggs and adult mites.


This yellow orange spice has seasoned food for millennia. You may even have heard about the use of turmeric for cardiovascular health. But, did you know that it's also a mite fighter? Science has just begun to understand the magic of turmeric. A paste of turmeric powder and water applied scabies rashes will zap your mites in no time!

Neem Oil

Neem oil is an ancient Indian ayurvedic oil. Ayurveda is a traditional form of medicine based in India, that focuses on balancing body energies. Neem is used in many Indian body skin care products.

neem oil scabies

Neem oil is a potent scabies home treatment with a strong odor some liken as a cross between garlic and peanuts. Neem can eradicate fungi, skin parasites, and bacteria. It's efficacy spans thoudands of years, with little to no side efffects. Neem relieves itching, inflammation, and irritation associated with scabies mites. Best, of all scabies mites are not resistant to neem as they are some other chemical treatments.

Neem oil's usefulness as a pesticide in gardens cannot be denied. It's safe for pets. However, it's not recommended that you ingest neem oil. For scabies elimination, soaps, lotions, and shampoos work the best. You can even add a few drops of the oil in your bath water as a direct application or mix it with tea tree oil and turmeric for a super anti-scabies cocktail.

Native Remedies Scab-Ease Itch Relief

Scab-Ease Native Remedies

Scab-Ease Itch Relief is specifically designed for alleviating scabies rashes. This incredible product is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Scab-Ease contains homeopathic ingredients that stop dry, itchy rashes.

This oral scabies home treatment is safe for all ages. Natural homeopathic ingredients like psorinum, staphisagria, and viola tri work in concert to slaughter mites and their eggs internally. Just take a few drops directly in your mouth or dilute Scab-Ease in juice or water. Take Scabi-Ease with other topical natural treatments and you have an unbeatable scabies home treatment.

AllStop Scabies Products

Allstop has an entire range of natural anti-scabies products. This skin care line is totally focused on providing solutions to cleansing the skin and environment of scabies eggs and adult mites. Mitactin Allstop's outstanding scabicide is essential oil based. It won't burn sensative skin and is non-toxic with a pleasant, fresh smell.

Sulfur Soap

I know... sulfur based products stink and smell like boiled eggs. Putting that aside, sulfur is amazing for problematic skin conditions. Acne, sores, and scabies are just a few of the dermatological concerns sulfur can heal.

Just be careful when using sulfur topically as it can dry out the skin. Not all sulfur soaps are effective against scabies mites and their eggs. Most do not contain enough sulfur to kill off mites. Choose a scabies home treatment soap that contains at least 10% sulfur as the active ingredient. Sulfur creams and soaps can be used on the face as well as the body. Sulfur scabicide products are applied overnight and then washed off in the morning.

Naturasil Scabies Home Treatment

Founded in 2004, Naturasil offers a homeopathic topical cream that penetrates the skin to heal mite rashes. This FDA registered cream includes natural ingredients such as sulfur and plant oils (tea tree, coconut). Naturasil's mite killing properties are amplified when it's used with a sulfur based soap.

Kleen Free Naturally

Cleaning the skin is not enough to truly eliminate scabies mites. You must kill them in the environment as well. Kleen Free Naturally is an enzyme based, biodegradable solvent that can kill not only scabies mites, but lice and fleas. This highly rated scabies home treatment works great for cleaning floors and areas that may be contaminated with mites. Best of all, Kleen Free is safe for use around pets and kids.

ELF Eco Living

Primarily for killing scabies mites, bed bugs, and lice, ELF Eco Living is an earth-friendly, non-toxic bug slayer. A yeast based protein and other natural ingredients work together to destroy mites and their eggs. Again, this not for use on the skin itself. ELF cleanses areas of your home where scabies mites inhabit.

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