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Scabies pictures show how much damage scabies mites can do to the human body. The following pictures of scabies run the gamut from classic scabies with minimal rashes to severe extensive crusted scabies. As the saying goes, “A picture speaks a thousand words”. These pictures do tell a troubling tale.

Are you concerned that you might have scabies? Examining scabies photos will help you distinguish between a common everyday rash and scabies.

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What Does Scabies Look Like?

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You might have difficulty seeking, but the person in this photo has nodular scabies. Notice the small raised areas of skin. Generally, nodular scabies occurs after the initial outbreak of scabies. The mites have died. Yet, the body is still reacting as if the mites are still present.

Itchy, red rashes are noticible. Nodular scabies is considered an allergic reaction to the mites themselves or the mites' feces. Nodular scabies is best treated with a topical hydrocortisone cream.

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When I first saw the picture above, I thought that the person was wearing gloves. That was until I got a closer look and saw that those “gloves” were actually scabies encrusted hands. Yes, this is Norwegian scabies. And those “gloves” are crawling with thousands of scabies mites and eggs.

The person in the photo has a compromised weakened immune system. Their body was not able to adequately fight off the invasion of mites. So, thousands of mites have made their home in this person's skin.

Mites have literally taken over their host. Obviously, because of the sheer number of mites present, this form of scabies is highly contagious to anyone treating the patient or has close contact with them.

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Adult scabies mites have 4 pairs of legs. Female mites are 2x the size of male mites. These crab-like mites are in the arthopod family. Some call them itch mites, sarcoptes scabiei mites infect humans. There are several other types of mites that infect animals like dogs, cats, rats, and other mammals.

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The hands are one the favored spots for scabies mites. Unfortunately, the fingernails one of scabies mites most loved hang outs. With scabies, most people are so itchy that they inadvertently scratch their scabies rashes.

In the process, mites and their eggs are scooped up and collected under the fingernails. Scabies spreads when someone infected touches another person with their unwashed contaminated hands. Lesson...wash your hands, particularly after scratching any unknown rashes.

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